5 Top Beer Travel Destinations for the Bucket List

You may be able to find and buy the best beers at home. But there is nothing like drinking the finest brews right at the heart of places that produce them. Here are some of the top beer trips you should be planning in this lifetime.


This city known for its bicycles and canals not to mention its hundreds of “coffeeshops” is also the home of one of the world’s best-selling beers. The Heineken is a familiar sight in the city and popular among locals and tourists. It is also a great place to find craft beers and a wide selection of other brews that would delight beer lovers out there.

Delirium Cafe


There is no dearth of excellent beers to find in Belgium. And Brussels is right on top of the country’s beer scene. The city is teeming with cafes serving an extensive selection of brews. Prepare to choose from a list of hundreds or even thousands of beer choices. The famous Delirium Café has over 2,000 beers to choose from.



Dublin is not only famous for its literature destinations and scenic attractions. It is also known for one of its most iconic exports – the Guinness. The city is a great place for visits to traditional alehouses and pub crawls where you can find some of the oldest establishments still serving the finest brews.



It would be hard to imagine a beer lover who would not want to visit Munich at least once in his or her lifetime. Home to the Oktoberfest, Munich is a veritable treasure trove of beer gardens where you can enjoy the finest Bavarian beers. A visit to some of the cities breweries should also be on your list of things to do when in the city.



People in this city love their beer – for several good reasons. This city holds their brews and brewers to the highest standards. It is one of the world’s best beer festival destinations. Enjoy a drink of
Budvar, Pilsner Urquell, and many other local brands that are guaranteed to enchant your taste buds. There are many beer houses and pubs to choose from, which add to the vibrant beer scene of this beautiful city.


What Makes Craft Beer Unique?

craft beer

Ever tried drinking craft beer?

No? Oh, I see.

Well, for starters…

Craft beer is a traditional kind of beer, one that is made from local breweries and is made with more organic ingredients – unlike a typical kind of beer that is made from multi-dollar breweries and is made with more additive ingredients.

That being said, here’s what makes craft beer unique:

It’s more similar to wine than any other kind of beer.

The reason why people are more likely to drink wine is because of its heart benefits. And the reason why people are more likely to avoid drinking beer is because of its liver detriments. And that’s what makes craft beer unique: it has more heart benefits than liver detriments due to it being made from more organic ingredients. In moderation, craft beer’s heart benefits include lowering cholesterol due to its high polyphenol content – a kind of antioxidant that also fights cancers and kills viruses.

It helps improve your memory.

Gone are those days when you think passing out with beer in your system would make you forgetful than usual. Craft beer is the kind of beer that helps improve your memory, as well as helps improve your cognitive functions. It’s worth noting, however, that this benefit (along with the first item on this list) only applies to moderate drinking. Regardless, it’s a great reason to drink beer – not just for you to enjoy a night out with your friends, but also for you to keep yourself healthy and fit both in mind and in body.

So, yeah…I think it’s time for you to live just like a Shipyard Beer Advocate – in the healthiest and fittest way possible.

Are you a heavy drinker? What changes are you looking forward to make with craft beer?

Are you a moderate drinker? Do you have any idea how you can keep yourself healthier and fitter with craft beer?

What do you think of this blog post? Share your thoughts with us below!


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