5 Top Beer Travel Destinations for the Bucket List

You may be able to find and buy the best beers at home. But there is nothing like drinking the finest brews right at the heart of places that produce them. Here are some of the top beer trips you should be planning in this lifetime.


This city known for its bicycles and canals not to mention its hundreds of “coffeeshops” is also the home of one of the world’s best-selling beers. The Heineken is a familiar sight in the city and popular among locals and tourists. It is also a great place to find craft beers and a wide selection of other brews that would delight beer lovers out there.

Delirium Cafe


There is no dearth of excellent beers to find in Belgium. And Brussels is right on top of the country’s beer scene. The city is teeming with cafes serving an extensive selection of brews. Prepare to choose from a list of hundreds or even thousands of beer choices. The famous Delirium Café has over 2,000 beers to choose from.



Dublin is not only famous for its literature destinations and scenic attractions. It is also known for one of its most iconic exports – the Guinness. The city is a great place for visits to traditional alehouses and pub crawls where you can find some of the oldest establishments still serving the finest brews.



It would be hard to imagine a beer lover who would not want to visit Munich at least once in his or her lifetime. Home to the Oktoberfest, Munich is a veritable treasure trove of beer gardens where you can enjoy the finest Bavarian beers. A visit to some of the cities breweries should also be on your list of things to do when in the city.



People in this city love their beer – for several good reasons. This city holds their brews and brewers to the highest standards. It is one of the world’s best beer festival destinations. Enjoy a drink of
Budvar, Pilsner Urquell, and many other local brands that are guaranteed to enchant your taste buds. There are many beer houses and pubs to choose from, which add to the vibrant beer scene of this beautiful city.


Everything You Need to Know About Beer and Other Beverages

Imagine a world without beer, tea, juice and coffee. The only thing available is water. Life would be boring and tasteless like water itself. I know our bodies need water to function well because our bodies is made entirely of 60% water or maybe even more. But we all need something different. So there goes the quest for humanity to invent something different and we fell in love with it. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that you’re looking for is probably coffee or tea. When you party with your buddies, you look for beer, whiskey and other alcoholic drinks. They are included in our daily lifestyle. Let’s cover some facts about them.

Beer and other Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages
It’s Not A Party Without Me

Beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the whole wide world. Most beer are created by brewing malted barley and some hops for flavor. It’s iconic. It tastes good. Scientists also say that beer has some anti-cancer properties and it can increase our bone density. Of course, in moderation.

Wine and other flavored spirits has a different taste of their own. Drinking wine can also provide health benefits like good heart health. Whiskey, aids in weight loss. Vodka can help with your cardiovascular health. Gin is made from juniper berries, which are full of health benefits.

I cannot stress this enough. Everything in moderation. Excessive alcohol consumption can badly hurt our bodies. So chill out every once in a while, but do everything in moderation.

Zen Master Vs. Joe

Coffee and Tea
Who R U Pickin’?

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Next to water of course. Tea can be a stress reliever and it gives us antioxidants to combat free radicals in our body. It can also make you feel awake because of its Caffeine content. Coffee also has some terrific benefits like tea. It can help lower the risk of Diabetes, reduce depression and s much more. But which one is better? Depends on you. Coffee has more caffeine than tea, so when you want to feel awake, I’d pick coffee. But for relaxation, I’d pick tea. I’ll let you be the judge on this one.


Don’t be fooled by the ads that say that their fruit juice is made from natural ingredients. The better way to drink juice is to make it all by yourself. Natural made juice is packed with vitamins, nutrients and fiber. It detoxifies our body and cleanses it. It also taste good. You can visit JuicerKings to learn more about the terrific benefits of juicing.

Still, you need to limit your intake. It can hurt your tummy if drink this stuff too much especially when your stomach is acidic. Just a friendly tip. Take everything in moderation.
That’s it guys! I hope that you learned something from this article. See you next time!


What Makes an Awesome Cafe?- Coffee and Bread Tandem

I just so love my bread dipped in a hot coffee. The rich aroma of the bread blends with the refreshing aroma of my black coffee. My dull world just brightens up so suddenly when I sit on the table in my garden with my loaf of bread and a cup of steaming coffee. It gives me energy and it literally fills in the gaps of my existence.  Have you experienced this great delight at the comfort of your home?

If baking bread is one of your best options in making the most of your free time, then most probably you have experienced the perfect tandem of the delicious bread and a cup of hot coffee.  I guess almost all people who love baked goodies experience this great energizing treat. It’s probably the idea why a bakeshop always offer a wonderful sip of coffee to its clients, thus making both shops a perfect tandem  in town.  A bakery and coffee shop is such a beautiful place to sip coffee while you are eating delicious bread and while  having a tete-a-tete with a friend.  This is very possible because most bakeries of today are also cafés which offer both baked goodies such as bread, pastries, and cakes paired with coffee and tea or light meals and drinks.

However hassle-free and convenient is dining out in a cafe, there’s nothing more convenient than having it at home. Pair your simple baking creations with the coffee of your desire.  To make it even more satisfying, you can create your own delicious bread. Make it more nutritious by controlling what goes into your bread machine. Speaking of  bread machines, if you want to replace your bread maker with the latest models and type, it is best to check this out by reading helpful buying guides and reviews.

bread making

Having your own bread machine, you can make wonderful creations anytime and make your family witness how you transform the best baking ingredients into delectable loaves of  bread.  If you are not into drinking coffee you can also have the great option of having a cup of tea which can be best enjoyed with a slice of bread.  If it tastes good then that could be a perfect match to your delicious bread.


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