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Beers And Saws: Your Bestfriends For Life

We all know how beers can be. Not only does it help our bodies get active and healthier than usual with its anti-inflammatory properties that can especially boost our energy like no other, but also help our minds get active and fitter than usual with its antioxidant properties that can even boost our immunity like never before.

And let’s also face it. We all know how saws can be. Not only does it help our bodies get active and flexing than usual as it strengthens our muscles to especially boost our immunity like no other, but also help our minds get active and fueling than usual as it stimulates our nerves to even boost our energy like never before.

Thus, it’s only fitting for beers and saws to be your bestfriends for life.

You see, beers do not only make you physically healthier and fitter than usual. Beers also make you unleash your creative potential like no other – but yes, especially with saws like those you can find on that you can use to make your creative ideas a reality even more.


But of course, who could forget about beers and saws coming together as one in order for you to create a masterpiece that will not just showcase how creative you truly are but also showcase the importance of especially the simple things in life through the masterpiece that you have worked on by hand – further motivating others to pursue the same kind of goal in life.

And thus, it’s just fitting for beers and saws to be your bestfriends for life.

You also see, beers do not only make you healthier and mentally fitter than usual. Beers also make you unleash your innovative potential like never before – and yes, even with saws like those you can find on the same link mentioned above that you can use to make your innovative ideas a reality even more.

And of course, who could forget about beers and saws coming together as one in order for you to innovate a masterpiece that will not just showcase how innovative you truly are but also showcase the importance of even the complicated things in life through the masterpiece that you have worked on by hand – further inspiring others to pursue the same type of dream in life.

After all, that’s what bestfriends are for…right?

How about you?

How do you think about beers? How do you think about saws?

How do you think about beers and saws being your bestfriends for life?

Share your thoughts with us below!


Revealed: Where Beers Get Their Color

Paint and beer have a few similarities. A paint sprayer from www.PaintSprayerMag is similar to a beer from a high-quality brand like Heineken. Paint installed in a paint gun is also similar to beer in a bottle. As a result, the same as paint, beers also have their hues.

Brewed beer is the result of the teamwork of hops, water, yeast, and malted grain. The last one is responsible for the color of your favorite beer, just as a pigment is accountable for the color of your favorite paint. Simply put, the beer color you see is malted barley that experienced chemical reactions.

Maillard Reaction

The chemical reaction I was talking about earlier is called the Maillard Reaction, named after the French scientist named Louis Camille Maillard (1878-1936). The chemical reaction occurs between amino acids and decreasing sugars which gives browned food its unique flavor. It’s the reaction that happens whenever you toast bread, roast a marshmallow, or brew beer. The malted barley undergoes the Maillard Reaction and produces black patent malt and chocolate malt. Malt is too powerful that even a little amount of darker malt can make your beer darker.


However, the caramelization also plays a part. It is a reaction that takes place when you heat up sugar to a boil until it breaks down on its own. If the sugar is boiled longer, the beer becomes darker. Of course, this will also affect the taste of the beer, making it buttery.

Contrary to popular belief, the beer’s color has nothing to do with the alcohol volume. If book lovers go by the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover,” then beer lovers should live by the saying, “Never judge the alcohol content of beer by its color.”

Standard Reference Method

Different colors of beerThis system, abbreviated as SRM, is a measurement technique which recognizes the intensity of the beer’s color. Different styles of beer have different colors. To make it easier, just remember that the higher the SRM number, the darker the beer. Darker beers also taste toastier or more coffee-like than lighter ones.


Tips on How to Choose a Coffee Maker

Selecting a coffee maker for your home is similar to choosing a Pole saw tool; you have to consider the size, the number of times you’ll use it in a week, the price, the convenience, the quality, and the features. Believe it or not, sawing and coffee making is a bit the same—to get the results you want, you’ll need to invest in high-quality equipment. Let’s just say these tips I’ll present will still be useful if you’re going to purchase a pole saw. That’s how related they are.


How many in the family drink coffee? How much do you drink per day? There are different types of coffee makers for a reason, and each of them has its benefits. For instance, a single-serve coffee maker would be beneficial for one or two people in the morning before work, but it won’t be convenient for five coffee drinkers in the morning. In short, the number of times you’ll use it in a day or week will tell you how big or small your coffee maker should be.


It’s only wise to buy a coffee maker that fits your budget. If your budget isn’t limited, that’s good for you! But for some, they might have to forget about the fancy features that come along with expensive machines. Just remember to consider the long term costs attached to the coffee maker you want to purchase. A coffee machine with a cheap price tag might sound budget-friendly but using and maintaining it might send your wallet crying in the long run. The trick is not to spend money on a cheap one unless you intend to use it for less than a week!


Coffee and coffee machineDo you happen to make coffee in the morning? Then it’s best to settle with a simple, straightforward coffee machine. A complicated one might take too long to operate, ruining your day before it even started. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the different types of coffee maker to identify what kind is the most convenient for your schedule and habits.


Usually, the more expensive it is, the higher its quality but affordable products nowadays can be just as good as an expensive one. Remember that users can attest a coffee maker’s quality.  If a lot of reviews have mentioned how awesome the product is, you better believe it. Another way to test the quality is to check if the brand is widely known and if it has already established its name around the globe. Lastly, quality products offer longer warranty periods because they trust that their device won’t disappoint.

Coffee Beans Features

You might want it to have a programmable timer that allows the machine to automatically brew and be ready with hot coffee at the time you’ve set. Some coffee machines also come with an automatic shut off feature, and others have built-in grinders for those who prefer fresh coffee grounds for every cup.


How To Detoxify Your Body with Tea

Have you ever had a patio or a garage that’s filled with all kinds of dirt? Sand, dust, and every disgusting thing will accumulate if you don’t clean it with a pressure washer once in a while. Like a quality pressure washer from, tea can be used for cleaning as well, but it’s not for your car, outdoor exterior walls, patio, or garage—it’s for your body.

Let’s take green tea for example. It’s widely known to reduce your risk of having particular diseases like diabetes, cancers, arthritis, even Alzheimer’s. It strengthens the immune system and helps burn unwanted fats by speeding your metabolic rate as well. Green tea is even perfect for athletes and non-athletes because of its hydrating properties similar with water. Black and white tea also have their benefits. In fact, tea is so rewarding that one article to describe it isn’t enough. For this article, let’s just focus on how you can maximize the benefits of drinking tea.

Chinese green teaFirst and foremost, you should be informed that there are two parts in the detoxification process with tea—one for the morning and one for the evening. The first one is for refreshment, and the last will serve as cleansing for your colon. When you drink tea in the morning, the tea will act as a refresher to replace the lost electrolytes and the vitamins from the previous evening cleanse. Your morning tea should be a combination of ingredients that contain high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. Follow these steps:

  1. After waking up, boil water with lemon juice or lemon slices plus ginger; a blend of these ingredients will help you fire up your metabolism and wake up your sleeping organs.
  2. After 10-20 minutes, make your refresh tea.
  3. To maximize the benefits of your refresh tea, add ginseng, spirulina, acai berry, and/or barley grass.
  4. If you want to have more flavor, you can add honey, stevia (natural sweetener), or lemon juice.
  5. Consume three to six cups of green tea throughout the day. You can either drink regular green tea or green tea with jasmine. You can also drink white tea.

For your evening cleanse tea, follow these steps:

  1. Tea with herbsPurchase a blend or make your blend. Just don’t forget the Senna leaf which is the key ingredient. It will give the laxative effect.
  2. Add nettle leaf, dried orange peel, licorice root, lemon grass, and/or dandelion plant. They don’t only add flavor; they also provide more nutrients to your colon cleanse tea.

For this detoxification process to be successful, be sure to follow the routine for a week. However, if you wish to do it for longer, you can do so for two weeks or four weeks at a time. Last but not the least, this cleansing won’t be effective unless you change your meal plans and food plans as well. So eat nutritious food only, drink multiple cups of tea, and in no time, reap the results of a healthier body!


What Makes Craft Beer Unique?

Ever tried drinking craft beer?

No? Oh, I see.

Well, for starters…

Craft beer is a traditional kind of beer, one that is made from local breweries and is made with more organic ingredients – unlike a typical kind of beer that is made from multi-dollar breweries and is made with more additive ingredients.

That being said, here’s what makes craft beer unique:

It’s more similar to wine than any other kind of beer.

craft beer

The reason why people are more likely to drink wine is because of its heart benefits. And the reason why people are more likely to avoid drinking beer is because of its liver detriments. And that’s what makes craft beer unique: it has more heart benefits than liver detriments due to it being made from more organic ingredients. In moderation, craft beer’s heart benefits include lowering cholesterol due to its high polyphenol content – a kind of antioxidant that also fights cancers and kills viruses.

It helps improve your memory.

Gone are those days when you think passing out with beer in your system would make you forgetful than usual. Craft beer is the kind of beer that helps improve your memory, as well as helps improve your cognitive functions. It’s worth noting, however, that this benefit (along with the first item on this list) only applies to moderate drinking. Regardless, it’s a great reason to drink beer – not just for you to enjoy a night out with your friends, but also for you to keep yourself healthy and fit both in mind and in body.

So, yeah…I think it’s time for you to live just like a Shipyard Beer Advocate – in the healthiest and fittest way possible.

Are you a heavy drinker? What changes are you looking forward to make with craft beer?

Are you a moderate drinker? Do you have any idea how you can keep yourself healthier and fitter with craft beer?

What do you think of this blog post? Share your thoughts with us below!


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