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7 of the World’s Top Beer Destinations

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Why go: Home to known brands like Amstel and Heineken among others
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Brussels, Belgium
Why go: The city is the heart of the country’s beer industry, extensive and diverse selections of brews
Brussels, Belgium

Dublin, Ireland
Why go: Guinness, traditional alehouses, pub crawls
Dublin, Ireland

Munich, Germany
Why go: Home to the Oktoberfest

Portland, Oregon, USA
Why go: Several breweries, fresh and natural brews thanks to homegrown hops and barley
Portland, Oregon

Prague, Czech Republic
Why go: Home to several beer festivals and the pilsner

Tokyo, Japan
Why go: Beers everywhere – think vending machines, a wide range of local and imported selections to choose from
Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

5 of the World’s Best Coffee Destinations

Istanbul, Turkey
Why go: Authentic Turkish coffee experience

Melbourne, Australia
Why go: Annual coffee expo, coffee lattes

Rome, Italy
Why go: No-frills, delicious brews

Seattle, Washington, USA
Why go: Home to several local coffee shops and world-renowned Starbucks

Vienna, Austria
Why go: Wiener Melange and the coffee shops

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